Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stand up to Cancer

As a lot of you know, my father has stage four prostate cancer.

He never liked doctors apparently. And as a result, (at least from what I understand) of not going and complications from diabetes masking his diagnosis, we all got the news early last year.

I've only known my father now five years. My best memories of him are with him, my sister and the rest of family all celebrating my niece's graduation from high school.

During my journey with him, there's been a mix of feelings of why, how and sadness. Now, I'm able to write about it because I'm really at peace with the decisions and choices he made. Good and bad. I forgive him.

Guess in life you never know what can happen. But if I could you ask you all anything, I would ask you to never take anyone for granted and please , get yourselves checked out healthwise.

Early detection is the key. With the help of Social Vibe (thanks Becks) and my sponsor Ed Hardy, I'm asking you to click the link the widget at the bottom of the page and Stand up to Cancer.

Basically since all of us know about the wonderful advances made in various treatments of cancer, Stand Up to Cancer, wants to make sure that technological and other advances get the funding they need quickly to help the people who need it.

Since the economy is so bad. All I ask from all of you is click the link to get involved or you can always support your own charity.

Thanks all.


And to support Becks diabetes cause. Please go to her site

at http://www.beckysblooks.blogspot.com/

And click her widget!!!

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