Friday, November 21, 2008

Ch 30 is up for Stay!!

Movie Friday

I was talking to a friend the other day and thought that if you're a movie buff like me, you'll be like this section.

Every Friday whether if it's a classic or newly released movie...I'll talk about it.

This picks are Twilight (the first of the adaptation of the awesome books by Stephanie Meyer. I started reading them over the summer and I love them!!! You don't have to be a teen to enjoy them either. )

And for classics....Because it's getting to that time of year. National Lampoons's X-mas Vacation.

Can't wait to see Twilight this weekend! and X-mas Vacation, rent, buy it...It's hysterical...Snots the dog...that is all i'm saying!! LOL!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Josh and Jovi Effect

Talk about the Jovi Effect...

Earlier today I had gone out with my mother to get some lunch and run errands when the two of us get into her truck.

I turn on the radio and "Wanted: Dear or Alive" is on. I went "Oh mom, listen, Wanted is on!" she went "Are you kidding me? You know lately that everytime I happen to be in a room with you or pass by your room, there's a Bon Jovi song on?"

I had no idea. "I went. Seriously?"

She said. "Yep!"

Indeed I was surprised.

And then I noticed that the Jovi Effect also has now passed to my latest crush Josh Brolin...

Everytime I talk to my friend on the phone...I swear to god. Either No Country for Old Men is on...Or the Valley of Elah.

Both movies star Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones, and that guy from Northern Exposure Barry Corbin (I think his name is).

By the way...Recommend both of those movies. Tommy Lee is fantastic in the Valley of Elah in which he plays a retired solider trying the solve the disappearance of his son.

In No Country for Old Men...In my opinion, it is Josh's movie. He should have gotten an Academy Award nomination for it. He's just that great in it. His performance of Vietnam Vet who just wants more out of life than what he currently has is something that I think everyone can relate to. Especially in this day and age.

So the spotlight again for me is on Josh....
Other facts about Josh

He and a friend are daytraders when he's not acting. They own a website called.
He's also married to Diane Lane.
Besides having James Brolin as a dad and Barbra Streisand as a stepmother...
Josh has directed a short-film called X which stars his daughter and also has directed a several plays in Rochester in a theater group that he and actor Anthony Zerbe (from Josh's Young Riders days) used to run.

Friday, November 14, 2008

This is sooo adorable

With all the stress and worry about our world's future, and the promise to come with a new President and Vice President Elect, things are crazy enough...

Brian Williams from NBC's Nightly News posted up the cutest live puppy cam in
part because of all curiosity that the soon to be first puppy will getting...

Cut and paste the link

And enjoy..,

And thanks Brian for giving us all a break from the week's troubles...

Monday, November 10, 2008


Okay there's a bunch of us talking tonight and we're watching Richie's Ballad of Youth and are in love....

Most of us have seen this video before...but if you haven't. Here's the link

He EVEN MAKES A backwards baseball cap HOT!!!

Who else besides jbj can do that?

Josh and Jon

Okay. Thanks to the wonderful Sunstreaked, I've decided to babble today about my latest muse, Josh Brolin.

He's appeared in movies like No Country for Old Men (which I have on my dvr and watched like 7 times yesterday) and American Gangster.

For the kids of the 80's....yes he was Brand in the Goonies and in one of my all-time favorite shows. The Young Riders...

I had an idea for a story if you can believe with both he and JBJ. I started writing this poem to add to my sister's scrapbook that she's currently making on this historic election, however, I'm finding that the poem is getting longer and longer.

It would be non-ff. I think...Starting with a character that would cross with another character and so on. Each character would represent a part of America that either represented change or that needed change.

Characters cross, lives intersect...

Sound dumb?

Let me know.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I finally gotten around to posting some shorts that i've done over the last few years.
They're small but they were nice to revisit (and for a couple) them like the old friends they are.

So enjoy and let me know what you think!

Undiscovered Soul

Hey, where are you going Mr. Bluesman? And can I ask you are you really an Undiscovered Soul? javascript:void(0)
Today, as I sit and listen to your profound words and attempt to picture the world as you do, I thought...You know, although the ways we express ourselves, we're not so different you and me.
To me, you are THE Renaissance Man. A devoted father. Genius singer and songwriter to boot.
But like your partner in "The Show" you let us see through your own work, that there are i many views of the dream.
The dream that we too can find "our soul" through diversity and friendship.
Richie, through your words of wisdom and deep sensitivity, we have made sure that there are no more Strangers in our towns, our youths always have some ballads to sing and finally keep some lights burning.
For you are our Pied Piper with your six or 12 string guitar and I thank you for giving us a glimpse of what makes you, you.

The Show

He is The Show….
Like a lover with his mistress, it is his job and honor to work a room and seduce us all.
Is it the blue eyes, the hair or is it just the crazy dance moves? I can’t tell.
We think at times we know what’s on his mind, but I for one, am glad that I don’t.
He can be an illusionist, a chameleon, a storyteller and a hero.
To me he is THE host of the party and I am grateful to him for making all of us feel at home, making us dance and making us shout.
But most of all, I thank him for making all of us believe… In the dream.
The dream that anyone and everyone like him can just-.
Be positive… Be Strong…Be Good…Be Bad…but also be a thinker.
For The Show with his all his glory spins and weaves his tales of love, connections and at times disillusionment for all of us to think.
When you see The Show, in those jeans, the shirts, and different kind of boots each and every night we are all mesmerized, captivated, shaken and stirred by his boundless energy, passion and commitment.
Is he really Captain Kidd? Or like the superhero he wears so prominently on his sleeve? Or is he simply just a man who encourages all of us to just…Dream?
I guess that’s what’s The Show is for and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is our messenger, our friend, our pride and joy.
Sometimes, I admit at times I want to know about The Show. But as I write this, maybe his secrets and seductions should be his and his alone.
For if we all knew his secrets, I’m afraid there would
be nothing left to know about The Show and perhaps then that’s when his story would end. And I know I’m not ready for that ending just yet.
So ladies and gents, this year as The Show and his friends come upon our TV sets, towns, cities, stages, radio and internet, please remember to do one thing.
Thank him for the laughs, thank him for the tears and but most of all thank him for being making all us believe…In Dreams.

The Lovers

They were still sweaty from their recent lovemaking. The two of them leaned against the bed’s headboard in exhaustion.
They caught their breath. The blonde simply looked at him in astonishment, though more surprised at herself. She had never done what she did before.
His long, lean frame for now was sated from their activities. From the waist down he covered himself in a blanket after feeling a brief chill. He raked his hand through his long-brown hair and turned towards her with a sly grin on his face.
“You are right darling?” he asked
She nodded her head at him. She couldn’t help but get caught up in his warm, brown eyes. “I’m fine.” She said.
He looked at her smugly.
“Do this much?” she continued.
He snickered. “Not for a long time.”
He looked at the contours of her petite body. It was perfect, sleek and curvaceous. He loved how it continued to glisten from their coupling.
He shifted himself underneath the blanket. For the more she moved, the more aroused he became.
She looked at his fingers. They were strong, flexible. She took a hold of one of them and began to stroke the back of his hand.
“You said you played guitar right?” shed asked.
“I do.” He replied.
She smiled shyly at him. Her body began to ache for the pleasure he brought to her minutes before.
Her strokes on his hand had gotten longer and longer. Her fingers were now interlaced with his bringing them towards her.
He continued to lie there. His body began to strain once again through the blanket. She straddled him through the blanket. She loved how the friction of the blanket felt against her thighs.
With one quick move, his large cock was directly underneath her.
Her body ached for his now badly. Still holding his hand, she took his second and third fingers and began to kiss them.
He groaned with hunger. His body wanted him to be inside her now. But, he also loved the feeling of arousal. He would hold onto it until he couldn’t any longer.
Her kisses were lingering and sweet; they went up his arm and across his chest.
He gasped as she still straddled her small frame over his. His cock tried hard to push through the blanket with no success. He grabbed her firm buttocks and began to thrust them towards him.
She closed her eyes and let the friction of the blanket and the warmth of his member take over her senses. Nothing else mattered.
The two of them continued to thrust and moan in unison as if they were discovering each other for the first time. When the desire became too much, she tore the blanket from between them and pushed him inside her. Her urgency made him gasp yet again.
The couple rode each other, plunging them deeper and deeper into their passions. When he couldn’t control his longing any longer, he gently put himself on top her. He plunged into her again and again.
Her body couldn’t control its longing any further, without thought, her body arched and met his violently. His member drove itself deeper and deeper into her until the two of them exploded.
The two lie gazing into each other eyes for several minutes, only as lovers do….

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Other Stories and Works in Progress

Here are some other stories that are either completed or are works in progress