Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Massage

The Following is a short story... You can insert your favorite rock star.....Enjoy!!!

The Massage
He lay on the bed face down. Through the curtains, the sunset came through the curtains in beautiful gold streams across his back.
He was beautiful and taut.
Unfortunately, due to the stresses of the day his back was tired and tense.
For now, all he could do was to lay there for her to relieve him of his discomfort.
She started at the curves around his ass. She slowly began to move up to the small of his back gently kneading the tiny knots to release ther hold on him.
His blue eyes closed, her tender, hypnotic sensations kneaded his muscles like the instrument he loved to play.
She went up his spinal column, continuing to press through the small knots that were coarsing through his thick corded muscle.
Eyes still closed, he smiled in approval over how his body was being satisfied.
Her hands made it now to his shoulder blades. He winced a little from the pressure.
"Relax." she whispered as the knots got bigger and harder to knead through.
She took the warm massage oil that was next to her and slowly poured it down his back. The oil went down his spine and pooled into the small of his back.
Her hands began to circle his back again, Only this time, the warmed massage oil slowly began to release the tension and the stress of the day. He finally began to relax under her care.
She began to gently kiss his shoulders. Retracing the trail down his back and around the curves of his firm ass.
In one swift move, he turned around and grabbed her hands.
As if he were pleading, he pressed her tiny hands against his thighs.
She gasped at how toned and warm they were. She in return, bent down and brushed her lips with his. She enjoyed the sweet taste of his lips.
His breath was warm and gentle. Her tongue continued its exploration of his mouth. He became tense again, only this time he was in control of how he would be relieved.
He shifted his weight so that he was fully underneath her.
Her kisses became harder, she straddled herself to meet him.
His hot gaze never wavered from hers. He lifted up her gown so that her own buttocks were exposed. This time feeling her tense, he smiled and kneaded her tight butt muscles. Involuntarily, she began to ride him. Opening up her legs so that he could enter her.
His entry was swift and full. His thrusts were hard and slow, she met his with equal precision. Slowly, she began to thrust quicker and harder. She rode him hard until her body couldn't take anymore.
They both gasped. Minutes later the two slept side by side....Thoroughly relaxed from their massage.

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