Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Lovers

They were still sweaty from their recent lovemaking. The two of them leaned against the bed’s headboard in exhaustion.
They caught their breath. The blonde simply looked at him in astonishment, though more surprised at herself. She had never done what she did before.
His long, lean frame for now was sated from their activities. From the waist down he covered himself in a blanket after feeling a brief chill. He raked his hand through his long-brown hair and turned towards her with a sly grin on his face.
“You are right darling?” he asked
She nodded her head at him. She couldn’t help but get caught up in his warm, brown eyes. “I’m fine.” She said.
He looked at her smugly.
“Do this much?” she continued.
He snickered. “Not for a long time.”
He looked at the contours of her petite body. It was perfect, sleek and curvaceous. He loved how it continued to glisten from their coupling.
He shifted himself underneath the blanket. For the more she moved, the more aroused he became.
She looked at his fingers. They were strong, flexible. She took a hold of one of them and began to stroke the back of his hand.
“You said you played guitar right?” shed asked.
“I do.” He replied.
She smiled shyly at him. Her body began to ache for the pleasure he brought to her minutes before.
Her strokes on his hand had gotten longer and longer. Her fingers were now interlaced with his bringing them towards her.
He continued to lie there. His body began to strain once again through the blanket. She straddled him through the blanket. She loved how the friction of the blanket felt against her thighs.
With one quick move, his large cock was directly underneath her.
Her body ached for his now badly. Still holding his hand, she took his second and third fingers and began to kiss them.
He groaned with hunger. His body wanted him to be inside her now. But, he also loved the feeling of arousal. He would hold onto it until he couldn’t any longer.
Her kisses were lingering and sweet; they went up his arm and across his chest.
He gasped as she still straddled her small frame over his. His cock tried hard to push through the blanket with no success. He grabbed her firm buttocks and began to thrust them towards him.
She closed her eyes and let the friction of the blanket and the warmth of his member take over her senses. Nothing else mattered.
The two of them continued to thrust and moan in unison as if they were discovering each other for the first time. When the desire became too much, she tore the blanket from between them and pushed him inside her. Her urgency made him gasp yet again.
The couple rode each other, plunging them deeper and deeper into their passions. When he couldn’t control his longing any longer, he gently put himself on top her. He plunged into her again and again.
Her body couldn’t control its longing any further, without thought, her body arched and met his violently. His member drove itself deeper and deeper into her until the two of them exploded.
The two lie gazing into each other eyes for several minutes, only as lovers do….

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