Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Month, new goals 2.1

Okay...I promised you all an introduction to my characters for the Nocturne Bites submission that i'm writing.

I finished my revised outline...Very very early this morning. Just need to print it out....And begin to dissect the story from beginning to end.

The story is called Dragon Wars: Kergan.

Kergan is the home of Prince Julian Kergan, who along w/his friend Olivia are racing to retrieve "assets" that were previously from their home and bring them back to neutral world Gaia.

The other racer, Prince Caleb of Tacorian w/Dragon, Orion, are not only after the assets...but have an even more sinister agenda.

There are twists and turns and some people and things during the course of this story aren't what they seem...

But nonethless...That is all i'm going to say about it...For now...Here are my muses....

Meet Julian Kergan..

For people that aren't familiar with the show The Tudors.....this is Henry Cavill...One of my favorite shows....Isn't he beautiful?

Here is Olivia....

Yes Natalie is my muse....I'll miss her very much on The Tudors. Her acting was no less than excellent.

And finally....Caleb of Tacorian..

Who else would it be? LOL...LOL...LOL

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