Friday, September 4, 2009

My new obsession!

Hope everyone had a great summer.

Mine was good overall w/some life lessons and illness mixed in.

While taking a sabbatical from Stay and all things Dragon Wars for a bit, I got the idea for a short story back in July....

It has the makings of a very very good non-ff story....

While the first part of that story had some issues plot-wise, i'm in the process of revamping the story due to the characters.

It's a contemporary old-fashioned/feel-good/rags to riches/romantic rock fable that spans from 1984-to present day in 3-4 small novellas.

My muse is about as cool as cool can get, when I got my idea for "Rock Star" this renaissance man's video came on late one night as I went to bed and his looks and personality embodied what I wanted my lead singer/main character Chris Knight to be.

Intelligent, incredibly talented and also sexy as sexy can get!!

Kip Winger is the BEST!!!! You're a great muse with a bunch of talent!! Rock on!!!

Take care all..Will be back soon. Enjoy your Labor Day Holiday...And Be Safe..

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