Friday, September 25, 2009

Dragons, Rockstars and Werewolves...Oh My!!!

So, i'm at home thru at least the first part of Oct on medical leave.
Being that i'm in bed for the most part, it leaves time for me to write.
So i'm in 2nd draft mode for most of them, 1/2 of them are done.
Part of me I think is scared to finish them and submit them to a publisher even though I got positive feedback earlier this summer on a entry I submitted.
I know what I did wrong on that and I don't want that to happen again.
Funny thing is that i have sooo many first drafts done on at least four or five different stories that I don't know where to start.
Does that happen to anyone else? Should I finish doing the ones I've completed and then try submit them? Or should I focus on the new material? UGGH..LOL
I'm editing most of them now and started really outlining this werewolf story that came to my head a few days ago.
I'm really thinking thru the plot, but i've been fleshing out the characters and so far I like them all. Just need more from the protagonist. I'll tell you all about all of them soon.

Meantime, I'll let you be the judge for Dragon Wars: Here's the first few paragraphs...let me know what you think?

Dragon Wars: Kergan

The sun was luminous throughout the lady’s bedchamber as she and her beloved prince lay quietly next to one another.
Stolen but precious moments, it was these late afternoons that the young couple both loved and hated.
With his world so chaotic, he enjoyed any free time they could spare. Veiled in sunlight, her petite frame faced his, welcoming him once more to be inside her.
The love they shared enveloped him. In their short years together, the two of them had been through what most couples did in a lifetime. He was never so content with anyone in his life.
It was the opposite for her. She hated the silence. It was an eerie calm that meant the visions she was seeing would return and only get worse. Fire and destruction was seen when she closed her eyes. She needed him to keep her mind occupied with talk of their upcoming wedding but knew if she pushed, he’d either stay quiet or they’d quarrel about the upcoming Dragon Race being held in a couple of nights.

Dampened by their lovemaking, the prince began to play with a stray blonde curl that lay against his lover’s chest. When she didn’t respond, he couldn’t help but to notice the concern on her face. “What is it my love?”
She told him pointedly. “I hate the races.”
Reassuring her, he gently kissed the top of her forehead, smoothing her hair back in an attempt to reassure her. “No, you don’t.”
She played with the cascade of dark brown waves that flowed around his chiseled face. She smiled at him weakly. “Yes, I do Julian.”
He rolled his eyes in aggravation. He had a feeling something was wrong but for now he only wanted to cherish the few hours they had left together before he rode in the race in a couple of days.
“My visions tell me of fire and destruction. They’re growing with more intensity as the Races approach.” She warned.


Deena said...

Shell,I've already given you fb on Dragon Wars ;) I'll just focus on the other issue you mentioned. YES! I have a tonne of stories that I've started. Some fully outlined, some the first few chapters written, some, just a base idea.

It's funny because I was talking with my hubby about this last night, trying to decide which one to tackle next and actually finish. So I just read through all my stuff - the stories that struck me the most I made note of...and narrowed the field down to 5. From there I further narrowed it to 2.

I just go with whichever one I feel at the time, and then get fully engrossed in it. Just how I do it, though. There's no real 'science' to determining what to do. Go with your gut.

And don't be nervous to submit! You certainly CAN write, Shell. Go for it!

Shelly said...

thanks dee...

i should just go w/my gut...

i don't think that i'm so much nervous to submit as to just getting it right...which is something that I can't control.

and you're feedback helped me out a lot....

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