Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Change has come to the White House!!!

Like everyone else over the last few days, I spent a great deal time glued to my TV set watching all of the historic events unfold.

I couldn't help but to cry tears of joy at what all of us were seeing. I also thought about the others who struggled and even gave their lives to give all of us a chance to see what could be.

President Obama's campaign and election inspired all of us to wonder what "could be" if you work hard enough.
He ran a campaign built on progress and the need for change. The country before yesterday, could no longer be run as it was being run.

President Obama and Vice President Biden's campaign was an inspirational moment in our history. I'm looking forward to the change in whatever form, big or small he'll be able to bring to all of us.

Lincoln, FDR, RFK, JFK, MLK, Malcolm, Medgar. I thought of all of them this past weekend and if I could. I would say "thank you."

Thanks for paving the way so that anyone regardless of race, creed, color or background could keep driving until their dreams were met

A lot of your dreams yesterday from all of you were realized, but now, it's time to look forward of what's to come.

Do I think our new President will move mountains and part the sea? Absolutely not.

Do I think he'll be able to do some of what he promised to do? I sincerely hope so.

Regardless of what you think politically or personally. I wish he and beautiful family well.
He's got a heavy task ahead of him that I wouldn't wish upon anyone. Tasks that I have a feeling that none of us will see the benefits from for several years.

President Obama asked all of us to help and I'm very eager to do so. His address yesterday was perfect. He was straight to the point, eloquent and outlined an ambitious plan that no one has ever done before and after this hopefully never has to do again.

So, change has come. He has already signed several executive orders reversing several plans the former administration wanted pushed ahead.

Only time will tell I guess.

Good luck President Obama.

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