Friday, January 30, 2009

I've decided to do it

I'm taking the plunge and attempting to write my first nocturne bites or a spice brief for eharlequin.

I've got a great support system in my family and in my crit partner Kerri to boot.

Lately after visiting several authors various websites, the goals that you make for yourself are key.

So everyday, (hopefully) i'm going to write. Whether it's a page or synopsis or plot an outline.

Not bad... This week alone was 1115 words.....

Off I go!

BTW since its Super Bowl weekend and because I haven't updated the movie Friday section in a while, the movie to watch this weekend is....


One of the best football films i've seen in a while. And personally one of Jamie Foxx's best roles.
Al Pacino, Jamie Foxx, Dennis Quaid...Oliver Stone directing...Is there any more to love about this movie!!!!

Oh yes.....a couple of appearances by legendary actress Ann-Margaret...That made the movie!!!

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