Sunday, November 22, 2009

Should I continue Nano? and finally an excerpt

It's been a few days since I've posted how i'm doing for National Writing Month.
Not really in a slump going into the third week, but the story as written if you can believe it, is nearly done.

Since the current plot and original outline begin as Jace and Sara have broken up, I feel that the story would be better served if I showed the reader their entire story including how they broke up rather than just telling it through the characters. (Thanks to Jill Noble at Noble Romance Publishing for giving new writers these tips in recent interviews and on her radio show! A must for any new writer.)

And that introduces us to Lil. Sara's best friend and a single mother. She's a complex character that I have had a blast writing the last few days.

The way I have her in my story now she's a minor player, but in actuality she's a huge reason for why the main characters are struggling at the moment.

I'm very proud of this story and I don't want rush it. Jace, Sara, Matt and the rest of the characters are so three dimensional and a lot of fun to write.
So I'm going to finish it, re-outline, tighten it up a lot, and re-work it. And finally,because i've promised...(sorry it's warned now)
Here's an excerpt between Sara and Jace at the beginning of the first chapter. Enjoy and comment freely!!!

Part of Ch 1 One!!!

A center, and co-captain of the Junior league team called the Haverton Mustangs, the Haverton Falls Classic held every Christmas Day was in Jace’s opinion, his last chance at ever getting signed with a pro team.
His mind reminisced with a bit of sadness at the years he wasted being short-tempered, overly confident and a hard partier.
With his athletic body and ebony colored hair, the chestnut brown eyes attempted to remain focus on the task at hand.
The sun rose over the Lake, turning it gradually to a light purple hue. Continuing to practice drills along a imaginary blue line that he could only see, Jace felt confident that he and his team would beat the Macon Wildcats for the Classic Cup easily.
Ninety minutes now passed and Jace was finishing up his conditioning drills with a long skate around the Lake before he went home.
She passed by him in a pink flash. So quickly, that he did a double take. The look of accomplishment and contentment he had suddenly turned into a look of disdain and dread for the young woman that skirted past him.
They were together for a year. Never had he fell so hard for someone. She was young at 20, he was young at 22. The things they did to one another hurt and complicated things between them. She loved him so intensely. He wanted to commit to being a couple, but couldn’t do it without his temper or giving her a ridiculous ultimatium.
Wearing a pink parka jacket with a white hat and gloves, Sara Reilly skated around her ex-boyfriend taunting him relentlessly. Jace’s eyes narrowed, his lips pursed tightly as to not say something more offensive to her than he normally did.
“What the hell are you doing here Sara?”
She laughed. ”Skating. And you Jace?”
He began to skate away from her. He was in no mood to deal drama. Especially from her.
She stopped directly in front of him, her blue eyes locked mischievously with his.
For most people the look Jace was giving her would twart them away, however she ignored it and in fact reveled in it.
Jesting, she replied. “Aww, not now. I was going to see if you wanted to play with me a little before you went to practice.”
He rolled his eyes and continued off the ice. She quickly trailed behind him in an attempt to catch up.
“Oh c’mon Jace, I’m teasing. You know me.”
“Yeah, unfortunately I do. “


J.A. Saare said...

Keep up the good writing and definitely finish up NaNo if you can! ;) I had to throw in the towel but I think it's great that you're so close to your goal.

Shelly said...

thanks Jamie!!

I just want to do it right...Why aren't you going to finish?

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