Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Show

He is The Show….
Like a lover with his mistress, it is his job and honor to work a room and seduce us all.
Is it the blue eyes, the hair or is it just the crazy dance moves? I can’t tell.
We think at times we know what’s on his mind, but I for one, am glad that I don’t.
He can be an illusionist, a chameleon, a storyteller and a hero.
To me he is THE host of the party and I am grateful to him for making all of us feel at home, making us dance and making us shout.
But most of all, I thank him for making all of us believe… In the dream.
The dream that anyone and everyone like him can just-.
Be positive… Be Strong…Be Good…Be Bad…but also be a thinker.
For The Show with his all his glory spins and weaves his tales of love, connections and at times disillusionment for all of us to think.
When you see The Show, in those jeans, the shirts, and different kind of boots each and every night we are all mesmerized, captivated, shaken and stirred by his boundless energy, passion and commitment.
Is he really Captain Kidd? Or like the superhero he wears so prominently on his sleeve? Or is he simply just a man who encourages all of us to just…Dream?
I guess that’s what’s The Show is for and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is our messenger, our friend, our pride and joy.
Sometimes, I admit at times I want to know about The Show. But as I write this, maybe his secrets and seductions should be his and his alone.
For if we all knew his secrets, I’m afraid there would
be nothing left to know about The Show and perhaps then that’s when his story would end. And I know I’m not ready for that ending just yet.
So ladies and gents, this year as The Show and his friends come upon our TV sets, towns, cities, stages, radio and internet, please remember to do one thing.
Thank him for the laughs, thank him for the tears and but most of all thank him for being making all us believe…In Dreams.


Sunstreaked said...

I really, really liked that. It made me smile and made me think of him. Can't ask for more. Except you gave that anyway. Thanks hon!

Shelly said...

Aww thanks Sun!

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