Sunday, November 9, 2008

Undiscovered Soul

Hey, where are you going Mr. Bluesman? And can I ask you are you really an Undiscovered Soul? javascript:void(0)
Today, as I sit and listen to your profound words and attempt to picture the world as you do, I thought...You know, although the ways we express ourselves, we're not so different you and me.
To me, you are THE Renaissance Man. A devoted father. Genius singer and songwriter to boot.
But like your partner in "The Show" you let us see through your own work, that there are i many views of the dream.
The dream that we too can find "our soul" through diversity and friendship.
Richie, through your words of wisdom and deep sensitivity, we have made sure that there are no more Strangers in our towns, our youths always have some ballads to sing and finally keep some lights burning.
For you are our Pied Piper with your six or 12 string guitar and I thank you for giving us a glimpse of what makes you, you.

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