Monday, November 10, 2008

Josh and Jon

Okay. Thanks to the wonderful Sunstreaked, I've decided to babble today about my latest muse, Josh Brolin.

He's appeared in movies like No Country for Old Men (which I have on my dvr and watched like 7 times yesterday) and American Gangster.

For the kids of the 80's....yes he was Brand in the Goonies and in one of my all-time favorite shows. The Young Riders...

I had an idea for a story if you can believe with both he and JBJ. I started writing this poem to add to my sister's scrapbook that she's currently making on this historic election, however, I'm finding that the poem is getting longer and longer.

It would be non-ff. I think...Starting with a character that would cross with another character and so on. Each character would represent a part of America that either represented change or that needed change.

Characters cross, lives intersect...

Sound dumb?

Let me know.

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